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Joshimath Kids Attractions: Fun Places for Kids in Joshimath

Joshimath Kids Attractions: Fun Places for Kids in Joshimath

For Hindus, Joshimath is a sacred city that has a special place in their hearts. It is located in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli region and is the starting point for several extraordinary places to see in Joshimath, such as the pilgrimage to Badrinath Temple and a trip to the ski resort town of Auli. In addition, Joshimath serves as the Lord’s winter residence when snowfall prevents entry to the old temple.

There are various fun places for kids in Joshimath around every corner. These places to see in Joshimath city offer something for everyone, from thrilling adventures to well-known tourist sites. If you are also planning a trip to Joshimath with your kids and family, this blog is for you.

In this blog post, we will explore fun places for kids in Joshimath while also presenting you with fantastic accommodation deals at our best resort in Joshimath. This blog will help you plan your trip without wasting time creating a list of places you want to visit. According to this list, you can decide where to visit first or where to visit last.

Fun Places For Kids In Joshimath To Visit Must

For you and your kids, there are a lot of things to do in Joshimath. Everyone will have a great time at our family-friendly attractions.

1. Nanda Devi National Park

The Nanda Devi National Park in Uttarakhand is one of the most quiet and tranquil national parks in the nation. It is a haven for individuals who love nature and want to immerse themselves in its splendor. This is one of the most famous fun places for kids in Joshimath.

When the Nanda Devi Park and Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve are merged, their collective area spans 2,236 square kilometers, exceeding 630 square kilometers. This expansive region, encompassing the majestic 7,817-meter-high Nanda Devi Peak, was designated as the Nanda Devi National Park through a proclamation in 1982.

This is a natural sanctuary with stunning surroundings and numerous flora and animals, including Brahma-Kamal and Bharal (blue mountain goat), which proves to be a fun place for kids in Joshimath. To preserve its ecology, the Nanda Devi National Park prohibited hikers from entering in 1982.

In recent times, a controlled number of visitors have been granted access to the Nanda Devi National Park, a distinguished World Heritage site. Sir Edmund Hillary, in his memoirs, referred to the Nanda Devi Sanctuary as the “God-gifted wilderness, India’s playground for adventure,” making it one of the fun places for children in Joshimath.

2. Govind Ghat 

Located in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district, the town of Govindghat sits at the convergence of the Alaknanda and Lakshman Ganga rivers. It is the beginning of the route leading to Shree Joshimathji Yatra, one of the most revered Hindu shrines, and the starting point for treks to Hemkund Sahib and the Valley of Flowers.  

Each day, this place welcomes hundreds of visitors, especially Hindu pilgrims on their way to Shree Joshimathji and Sikh pilgrims heading towards the revered shrine of Shri Hemkunt Sahib. Occasionally, tourists go to the Valley of Flowers. After crossing the Alaknanda River, Joshimath can be seen, which is a beautiful place to visit in Joshimath.

The most significant feature in the region is the gurdwara, which is situated on the Alaknanda River’s right bank. The pilgrims are also accommodated there. There are several hotels, guest homes, and restaurants in the nearby areas. 

3. Auli Ropeway

Auli, which is the greatest place in India for paragliding and skiing, is 3010 meters above sea level and attracts a lot of tourists. One of the main things to do in Joshimath is the Auli Ropeway, which offers breathtaking views of the Himalayas. Auli cable car is Asia’s second-highest and longest ropeway after Gulmarg, and it travels 4 km. Joshimath and Auli are connected by the Auli cable vehicle, also known as a gondola locally. 

4. Sri Shankaracharya Math

The Sri Shankaracharya Math, an ancient monastery established by Adi Jagatguru Shankaracharya and his disciple Trotakacharya, is conveniently located near the Joshimath bus stop.

The remaining three of these monasteries are strategically positioned in the cardinal directions of the country: Puri, Dwarka, and Sringeri. Joshimath’s Uttaran Naya Math, found to the north, is dedicated to imparting teachings from the Atharva Veda, one of the four ancient Vedic scriptures. The name of the entire town, Jyotirmath, is derived from this venerable location. A temple honoring Laxmi Narayan, Badrinarayan, and Rajrajeshwari Devi is located within.

5. Narsingh Temple

Narsingh Temple has been there for almost 1200 years. The fourth incarnation of Vishnu and the temple’s principal deity, Narsimha, who is half-lion and half-man, is dedicated to Vishnu. The deity’s left wrist, which is extremely slender, is one of its defining characteristics. The God from the Joshimath temple is carried in a procession at the start of each winter and preserved there for six months.

Within the Math, there resides an idol of Lord Narsingh, traditionally attributed to the establishment by Shankaracharya. Local legend has it that the right hand of this idol has remarkably diminished in size, now as thin as a strand of hair. This is the famous temple in Joshimath and an old temple of Lord Vishnu in Narsingh Avtar. 

6. Tapovan

14 kilometers away from Joshimath lies the tranquil town of Tapovan, which offers breathtaking views of the neighboring peaks and worthy places to see in Joshimath. The area is mostly recognized for its natural hot springs, which are said to have curative effects for illnesses other than skin conditions. Many people come here for therapeutic purposes and can bathe in the springs.

The panoramic view of Himalayan peaks like Chaukhamba, Dronagiri, and Nanda Devi adds to the area’s allure. The popular Kuari Pass path and hiking routes to Bhavishya Badri both pass through Tapovan.

7. Kalpavriksha

Hindu mythology describes Kalpavriksha as a holy and wish-fulfilling tree that is thought to be about 1,200 years old. This tree, which is also known as Kalpataru, appears frequently in both Buddhism and Jainism. Legend has it that Sri Shankaracharya meditated beneath this mulberry tree in Joshimath.

The Jyoteshwar Mahadev Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located beneath its refreshing shade. Every year, thousands of tourists go to this location in the hopes that their prayers will be heard and their dreams will be fulfilled.

8. Ghangaria

A little community called Ghangaria is located at a height of 10200 feet in a valley surrounded by enormous peaks that nearly reach 90 degrees. These summits have elevations between 13500 and 16000 feet. Ghangaria is only accessible from May to October each year; it is covered in snow the rest of the time.

The Valley of Flowers and Hemkund Sahib Trek start from Ghangaria, which proves to be one of the most exciting things to do in Joshimath. It contains 20–25 modest hostels to accommodate visitors from across the world. At Ghangaria, you can readily get food in little dhaba-style places. You can select the one that is most crowded.

You can stroll to a traditional waterfall and perceive an array of fauna, as well as tailless rodents, and if you are fortunate, an Asiatic Black Bear might be observed near the town if you enjoy snapping pictures of wildlife.


Joshimath invites all visitors, including kids, to participate in its vibrant traditions and festivities, whether you are pilgrims, nature lovers, or culture enthusiasts. After visiting these fun places for kids in Joshimath, you’ll have indelible recollections of both its unique cultural legacy and its magnificent natural scenery.

If you are fascinated about exploring Joshimath, you can think about making reservations at our affordable and best hotel in Joshimath: Hotel Tapovan Inn. As the most prestigious hotel in the locality, we serve clients with luxury accommodations that will render your time with us a lifetime memory. So, schedule a getaway to Joshimath and register your hotel room with us to take advantage of every opportunity this lovely spot offers. 

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